Monument Records (1967-1968)

  • Sharon, Oh Sharon/bw*/I Don't Have Sense Enough (1967)
  • Less Of Me/bw/Morgan City (1968)
  • Over You/bw/Net Of Fireflies (1968)
(*'bw' means 'backed with', or the 'B' side of a single release.)

Nugget Records 1968-1970

  • The World is Turning On (Charted In England)
  • The Shelter of My Mind
  • A Mood I Was In

RCA Records 1970-1973

  • Merging Of Our Minds

Golden Egg Records 1981 -

  • (none)

Bridger Songs on other compact discs (publishing)

  • Rendezvous, the Lost Gonzo Band, 1991
  • Amazing Records (Title song:Rendezvous);
  • Hands of Time, the Lost Gonzo Band, 1995,
  • Vireo Records (Free My Spirit, 'Fore My Spirit's Dead);
  • Dave Gershen Firetender album,Arrows of Light, 1994, Provision Records
  • Bob Livingston: Mahatma Gandhi & Sitting Bull; 2003 Vireo Records
  • (Title Song: Mahatma Gandhi and Sitting Bull,and, Cowboys and Indians

Anthologies (all on compact disc)

  • The Austin Connection: Music For Miracles
    featuring: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, Marcia Ball, Joe Ely, TimbukThree, Poi Dog Pondering, Tish Hinojosa, Asleep At The Wheel, Omar and the Howlers, Charlie Sexton, The Killer Bees and Jerry Jeff Walker
  • The Songs of Wyoming (The Wyoming Centennial Record Project)
    featuring: Chris LeDoux, Bill Larsen, Billy Bob Shane, The Grizzlies, Shelley and Kelly, Brent Moyer, Pete Cameron, Bruce Hauser and Sawmill Creek, BabeHumphrey and the Bar J Wranglers, Bill Briggs and the Stagecoach Band, and Kip Attaway
  • The Texas Christmas Collection
    featuring: Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, B. J. Thomas, B. W. Stevenson,Erik Johnson, 14K, Julie Christensen, Arthur Brown, Pressure, Beto and the Fairlanes, Steven Fromholtz, Rusty Weir, Marcia Ball, and Karen Kraft
  • Kerrville Folk Festival - The Early Years
    a five-disc retrospective featuring virtually everyone in comtemporary folk music