Bridger's blend of work in American History and theater lends easily towards education. Through A Ballad of the West he has created historical characters which are brought to life on stage and through song, and which capture crucial historical information and demonstrate unique perspectives about the great Euro-American Westward migration, American Mythology, Plains Indians, and the development of our culture during this time. Seekers of the Fleece guides the listener through the Fur Trade Era and the great discoveries and explorations of Mountain Man Jim Bridger (Bobby Bridger's great grand uncle); Lakota informs listeners of the ways and the culture of the Lakota Sioux people and reveals the Indian Wars to a Euro-American audience from a Native American perspective, and Pahaksa takes the listener on a unique journey through the life story of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody as he went between these two worlds with a perspective nearly no other human had at the time. Truly, these works are a wonderful tool for any history teacher working in this period - and we have included a suggested course curriculum used by Bridger in the past as one example.

Bobby Bridger also has appeared as a guest lecturer on numerous occasions, often using his storytelling and musical talents to teach. With the recent publication of his award-winning biography on Buffalo Bill, Bridger's notoriety as a Western Historian has grown nationally. Paired with a history of art and cultural education, his range of knowledge spans from explorations of indigenous peoples of Australia and North America to the mythology of the American West. Bridger is happy to provide lectures combined with performances, book signings, or workshops on any of these topics. In fact, for the past three years, he was a guest lecturer in a course taught by Pat and Dick Richardson entitled "The American West/Environmental Legacy; Manifest Destiny: Fur Trade to Globalization."

Finally, Bridger has a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and offers private lessons in sculpture, and painting. He specializes in Aboriginal Dot Painting and Abstract Expressionism.

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