Merging Of Our Minds(RCA-LSP-4792)
(recorded in Nashville, Spring, 1970)
(released Autumn, 1972)

Track Listing

  1. Merging Of Our Minds
  2. Little Rock
  3. The Further Adventures Of Captain America And Joe College
  4. What I Want For You
  5. Grandpa
  6. Lay 'Em Down Brother
  7. Fompin' Around
  8. Sharing's Just Another Word For Love
  9. (I Only Know) I'm Looking For Me
  10. Teddy Terrapin
  11. Sea Chanty


Billboard Magazine Special Merit Picks
Bobby Bridger - Merging Of Our Minds, RCA, LPS 4792

"Debut LP for the singer/songwriter is a fine one, displaying a cross between folk, country and rock. As well as Bridger's singing and writing capabilites, he shows skill as a producer and fine musicianship is shown thoughout by the likes of Pete Drake. Standouts include the title cut, 'Grandpa', 'Sharings Just Another Word For Love', and 'Sea Chanty', a seven-minute sailor's tale. Bridger is a fine storyteller and this set should appeal to all music fans."

Bobby Bridger’s first album of original songs on RCA records, Merging Of Our Minds, was recorded in the Spring of 1970 at Fred Carter, Jr.’s, studio in Nashville, TN. With Fred’s generous assistance and expert guidance, Bridger produced the record with Jesse Tharp as engineer. Interestingly, he had also been the bassist in the Roy Orbison Band along with Fred himself in the early 1960’s. Merging of Our Minds was also the first session master steel guitarist Pete Drake did upon returning from England, where had played on George Harrison’s solo debut All Things Must Pass. (Drake and Carter also worked together later on Bob Dylan’s classic ‘country’ period recordings, Nashville Skyline, John Wesley Hardin, and Blonde On Blonde.) Other musicians included Andy McMahon on keyboard and Karl Himmel on drums, both veterans of Tracy Nelson’s Mother Earth Band, as well as bassist Steve Schaefer, guitar player John Pell, keyboardist Dennis Burnside and drummers Jim Wolfe and Billy Cartier. Rounding out the session players were Fred Carter, Jr. and Bobby Bridger on guitars.

The first mixes of the Nashville ‘Merging’ sessions were originally done by Bridger, Carter, and Tharp, but seeing as Fred normally played guitar for Simon and Garkunkel, he was able to persuade their renowned engineer/co-producer, Roy Halee, to mix the version of ‘Merging’ that RCA eventually purchased in 1971. The final mixes were done in Hollywood by Mickey Crawford (Julie Andrews, Henry Mancini, Harry Nilsson, etc.) The album was released in Autumn, 1972 and went out of print in the late 1970s. It is no longer for sale. Look for rare copies on eBay or the Internet, and keep your eyes peeled for rare songs from this album made available here in the future!